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Discover How To Look Great 

Do you get a sinking feeling when you open your wardrobe? Has picking your day’s outfit or shopping for clothes become a chore?. Maybe it always was a chore.

Imagine how you’d feel if it became one of life’s true pleasures? Imagine if your personality, lifestyle and budget complimented your body shape, colouring and personal style.

The result? A perfect fit at any and every occasion. You, feeling amazing, every minute of every day.

You’d know everything about your own personal style:

- Your ideal colour palette and how to wear it

- Your body shape and how to dress for it

- Your size and how to flatter it

- Your style personality and how to maintain it

- Your best accessories and how to combine them

- Your recommended shops and where to find them


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The Three Steps To Looking And Feeling Great

We want you to feel a million dollars and we believe you can do this without embarking upon a course of cosmetic surgery or hiring a personal trainer so we offer something for everybody.

Solve Your Style Dilemmas

The fashion wheel spins faster every season. Should you be embracing it? Following it? Ignoring it? Should you care? Do you care but wish you didn’t? If you accept you care, where do you fit in? Or where does your body fit in? (And your purse?) With so many open ended questions, it’s hard to see clearly but it’s even harder to fathom where to begin if you’ve quite simply lost your way. There’s no right or wrong way to have fashion in your life as long as you understand that without fashion there can be style but without you there can’t. You have the potential to be the stylish one. Not the mannequin in the Selfridges window or the model on the Marc Jacobs’ catwalk. You. We might remember models and beauties for looking stunning and being flawless but who do we really remember? The people who are confident, true to themselves, genuine, sassy and who embrace life. These people ooze style and they’re the ones we notice. These people are real people and you can be one of them.

Love What You Wear

We want to show you how to make the most of what you have by establishing your genuine style and by laying the foundations of a lasting, easy to update wardrobe that reflects and compliments your character, lifestyle and budget. We want to simplify everything for you so that after your Stylelogue experience, you can translate fashion into a language you understand, picking out the bits that work for you, your body, life and budget.

Let us show you how to make the most of what you have with a personal styling session or a wardrobe makeover just for you….


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" I was so excited to have my eyes newly opened by you! I always had an idea about what did and didn't look good on ... " Maggie



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