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Fashion Tips From A Personal Stylist

August 5th, 2010

Everyone is different and ideally needs individual advice on how to dress right. However if you can’t get advice tailor made to you, here is the way us professionals create balance and harmony in your overall appearance. Fashion and style will allow for flexibility and creativity.

Style Tips

These rules apply to everyone no matter what age, life style, work or play or budget. It does become simple when you know how but the key is, don’t get bogged down by current trends or how something looks on the hanger- make sure you take the following into careful account first.

Dress according to your body shape, proportion and scale It’s important to understand how to dress to your build in order to create the appearance of a balanced body

Dress appropriately for the occasion Learn the know how to get it right for each occasion no matter how varied they might be.

Dress for your personality Dress in a way which reflects your lifestyle and character at work and play. It is your personality which makes a look come together.

Look current Make sure that your outfit does not look dated in fabrics, cuts and accessories. Make sure that your investment buys have a timeless look and feel, so you can jazz them up for the occasion and adapt them to current fashion trends.

Compliment your personal colouring Look at your eye, hair and skin colour. Although this is a science in itself, following a simple rule to see if colours suit you should help enormously. When you try a colour next to your face, see whether your eyes and skin look brighter or whether you look drawn and tired.

And that’s how the stylists do it!


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