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" Anna made sure she was clear on what I was hoping to get out of the day, she took time to understand any likes and dislikes....and then she shopped - when I flagged on she went! I tried on things in and out of my comfort zone and ended up with clothes with which I am delighted....some of which I would never have dared take off the clothes rail. She was a pleasure to shop with and a lot of fun so if any of you feel the need to pamper yourselves and have a personal shopping experience for yourselves, then I would recommend Anna very highly. It was an inspiring day, very indulgent but what a great way to get an instant refreshed wardrobe.  Anna is a real professional, has a lot of experience and from what I experienced worked hard to tailor the day to specifically meet my needs.  "


" I was so excited to have my eyes newly opened by you! I always had an idea about what did and didn't look good on me and you completely changed that- for the better! The outfit you picked was wonderful. I felt great- young and confident without being mutton dressed as lamb. I had so many compliments, everyone wanted to know where I got the dress, bag and jewellery from. Thank you again, Anna. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone.  "


" We had a great day with Anna on Saturday. She was brilliant. Perfect stylist - very easy going and full of energy and ideas. I really liked her style and she was very down to earth. Both Helen and I are really pleased with our purchases. It worked well doing a joint session and made it more fun although the time did go very fast! The whole day was brilliant and I would definitely use Anna again.  "


" You have really made a difference. Thank you  "


" My image makeover experience was fantastic. The wardrobe overhaul was great, Anna put in lots of effort, and even stayed longer than required until we went through every last item of clothing and pair of shoes! I got so much out of it, ditched so much stuff and still ended up with more outfits than I had before. The shopping day was rewarding, again Anna was tireless, it’s an obvious passion for her, I was exhausted by the end of it yet she was still full of energy and ideas. I learned to be more adventurous with my clothes and experiment more. And the followup she sent me is really useful, my new bible…….  "

Sharon D

" Dear Anna, thank you for the summary and photographs, they will serve as an excellent reminder. I really enjoyed our session, you have renewed my interest in clothes and boosted my confidence enormously, I have already cleared my wardrobe out, dug out some things I hadn’t worn for ages and given them the Anna treatment… and I have even added a couple of new items based on your suggestions!! Once again thank you for all your help, Sharon  "

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