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8 Ways To Improve Your Style

July 28th, 2010

Looking and feeling great isn’t simply a matter of buying the ‘right’ clothes or putting them together in the ‘right’ way. Looking and feeling great goes hand in hand with being stylish which in turn means making the absolute most of your best bits, drawing attention away from the all the other bits.

All well and good you say… but how on earth do you do it?

Firstly, you can read on. I thought that by sharing some of my personal style tips and secrets with you, you might come that little bit closer to really understanding what makes you look great, rather than spending time and energy focusing on everyone else looking great which in turn makes you feel worse.

To me, these style tips are just as (if not more) important than the finer details of bodyshape, colour and your personal style overall. These style tips transcend fashion seasons, budgets, body shapes, age and personality. They are my starting points for getting your personal style just right.

1 Look At The Whole ‘You’ In The Mirror

Don’t focus on one area. We are all guilty of honing in on that bit of our body we hate… that sticks out… that has more lumps than we’d like….. But if you take a moment to breath, center yourself and look at the whole you, you will start to unlock the secrets to dressing well and being truly stylish.

~ Your biggest style hurdle is the way you see yourself

~ Dress your complete body, not one area

~ People look at the whole you when you walk by, not your bottom, thighs or calves

~ You are missing out on creating stylish, successful looks if you don’t look at your entire body when you get dressed

2 Create Balance When Dressing Your Silhouette

This is how the pros do it. It’s our number one rule for dressing the body. Like the graphics of a poster, a wonderful building, a beautiful piece of furniture- excellent design needs elements of visual balance to achieve its goals. Likewise, the body needs the same.

~ Don’t add bulk and layers to larger areas

~ Add to your smaller areas to create balance with the larger ones

~ Dress to maximise your assets- if you have great arms and shoulders, show them off! In summer, get them out; in winter encase them in fitted clothes to accentuate them

Skinny ladies:

~ Wear loose over size tops, dangly necklaces, straggly scarves

~ Layers add bulk to a small, shapeless frame

Curvy ladies:

~ Frame and encase your curves with gentle tailoring. Don’t bulk out those curves with accessories, pockets or ruffles

3 Spend More On Wardrobe Staples, Less On Basics & Wardrobe Fillers

Spend MORE on:

~Tailoring (casual or work)- suits, jackets, coats

~ Jeans/ good trousers (if you never find the ‘right’ pair for you)

~ Bras (if you can never quite find the ‘right’ fit for you)

Spend LESS on:

~ Tee shirts

~ Vests

~ Shirts

~ Accessories eg jewellery, belts, scarves, shoes

~ ‘Fashion’ pieces that will date after a year (unless you are more fashion than style, in which case this probably isn’t the post for you!)

4 Get The Fit Just Right

~ Too big will add inches to you

~ Too small will make you feel uncomfortable and look wrong

~ Jackets- armhole not too tight | buy bigger size for outerwear

~ Cuff length- should sit where thumb joins hand

~ Trouser/ jean length- get them altered if too long! It’s worth paying £15 for and I can recommend some great people to do it for you so get in touch!

~ Waistbands- shouldn’t gape at the back when standing up. Nor should you need a belt on a skirt or trousers. Belts should be an added accessory. If you need a belt to stop your waistband from slipping down, the fit is wrong

~ Bottoms/ hips- the fabric of a garment should lightly skim your body allowing some movement even for looser and wide leg styles- avoid masses of excess fabric as it will add inches to you, especially if you are short.

5 Dress By Outfit Not By ‘Piece’

A beautiful dress is a must for a wedding or occasion but what of all the other times in your life?

Like magpies we’re drawn to beautiful clothes whether it’s because of their designer identity, price, because they sparkle or simply because they’re well designed. But more often than not, I find that a beautiful ‘piece’ does not always look that great on and the less attractive looking thing on the hanger across the other side of the shop is actually the real wow number as once it’s tried on, you look a million dollars. This begs the question- is the dress beautiful or is it the way you’re wearing it?

~ Interesting ‘pieces’ can be badly cut, and look better on the hanger than they do on the body

~ Boring looking ‘pieces’ can be accessorized well, layered successfully and worn interestingly, doing far more for your body than you might think!

~ Don’t just look for a ‘nice piece’- look for a piece that will work with your wardrobe

You might notice a beautiful coat on someone but chances are it’s because it’s worn well with the rest of the outfit, fits great and makes the wearer feel confident. The same coat worn badly and out of context would not look so good

6 Be Current But Don’t Be Too Trendy

For the majority of us this is advice best taken when we’re over 30! That’s not to say anyone of any age can’t look like they’ve stepped out of a London Fashion Week show, it’s more that when you’re starting out and want to get it just right, you’re best off leaving the hard and fast trends to a little later on, when you’re comfortable and confident in your own look, style and shape. Then you can start to introduce elements and pieces that create a bit more of an edge and add that little bit extra to your personal style.

~ Fashion by definition is short term, often impractical and not all of it works for everyone

~ Equally, certain ‘fashion’ items will suit you. Those that work and you feel comfortable in, should be mixed and matched with your main wardrobe

~ Clothes should not ‘wear’ you. Make sure you ‘wear’ them!

~ Classic items can be updated year after year with modern accessories and other wardrobe fillers

~ Style, comfort and confidence don’t come from fashion, they come from you and how you wear clothes

7 Trust Your Instinct When Shopping

If you’re not sure about something, don’t buy it. The instinctive reaction you get when you see yourself in something is usually the right one. If something’s ‘wrong’ in the changing room, it will be when you get it home!

8 Don’t be distracted by the size on the label

In the UK a size 12 can vary by as much as 3 inches round the waist from one shop to another. One of my recent clients’ trouser size ranged from a UK size 4 in Gap to a UK size 12 in H&M. Don’t get bogged down by the size you wear. Who knows what size you really are? Who cares?

What really matters is how you feel on the inside.


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  • Kay says:

    I love the way you outline everything so clearly. I def cannot afford your service but can imagine how good it must be. Great going. :)

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