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What Style Personality Am I?

August 5th, 2010

Your New Look

One of the most frequent requests I hear from my clients is ‘I want a new look’ which is most definitely something we can all relate to when we just need a change.

We would all love a new look but this new look can be achieved far more simply than you think. It’s all about being stylish and looking great whilst staying true to yourself and who you are. The secrets to being stylish and looking your best come from being comfortable in what you’re wearing, whether this be the fit, fabric, colour, style, cut or the labels making up an outfit. You can put on the loudest, craziest combination of layers and just feel self conscious whereas your colleague could look great in the same outfit. Equally, you can pare down everything, wear just three shades of grey with simple, clean lines; and look totally fab. Your colleague would look awful in this.

What Looks Good On Me?

Comfort in your clothes and style is more of an instinct thing than a rule thing. You will have to look in the mirror with certain things on before you can make any real sort of informed decision about what works and doesn’t work for you.

In keeping with this very debatable subject, I thought it might be nice to share how we professional stylists look at the different style personalities. Without getting too bogged down or pigeon holing yourself into a particular ‘style domain’, it’s very interesting to know what the main style personalities are. You might be surprised to find that you don’t actually need a new look at all, what you really need is the ability to look at yourself objectively in the mirror and be honest about what really looks good and what doesn’t.

Your personality is what pulls your whole look together. It’s your personality that dictates your style, which is your own interpretation of fashion and how you like to wear clothes together. If you ignore your personality and only buy clothes because they are the latest must haves or trends of the season, you will lose your identity and your look will lack focus and your personal signature style.

As a result of this you won’t get the best value for your investment buys, because you’ve tried to copy a look which might be great on others but isn’t right for you. The clothes you wear and how you wear them are influenced by factors such as: age, build, life style, environment, budget, culture and personal preferences.

As you progress through life, your look will change many times. Knowing your style personality will enable you to feel comfortable in your outfit, whatever the occasion.

The Six Style Personalities

Personality types can be divided into six styles – keep in mind many have a combination of two types due to different environments or lifestyles (work and play; work and mother; city and country etc…).


You find it hardest to dress down and mix and match your wardrobe. Instead you always prefer a smart, neat and tidy look. You buy the best quality you can afford though you are not very fashion orientated – you prefer to stay with safe combinations at work and home.


You understand how to dress appropriately and will buy quality current styles but keep their look fashionable with the latest accessories, hair styles and make up. You will also adopt your wardrobe for different occasions without much effort, because you know what suits you.


A unique look is of high importance to you and you will spend time and money shopping for an interesting item in unusual shops and markets. You are great at putting interesting combinations of colour, textures, accessories and fashion themes together. Creatives don’t think of practicality or investment buys when buying clothes, but more of how this item can make you stand out – your aim is to be one of kind.


You always want to make an entrance and wear clothes with a wow factor. You will always buy and wear the latest fashions even if it doesn’t suit you, because you need not only to make a statement but to be the first to have the latest fashion.


You prefer casual styling and comfort is of prime importance. Any cluttered looks and fussy styles are rejected, with Naturals opting instead for simple lines and low maintenance clothes. Easy, relaxed dressing with the minimum of fuss is your signature.


You love pretty and feminine things and adore luxurious fabrics or details such as bows, ruffles, fringes etc. You love the idea of dressing up and planning your wardrobe for every event, occasion or day to day wear.


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  • Kumarakom says:


    [...]What Style Personality Am I? | Stylelogue | What To Wear[...]…

  • admin says:

    Hi Kay, is there anything in particular in your wardrobe you’d like to ask me a question about?


  • Kay says:

    I’m def the creative one. I love picking interesting clothes and putting them together with more interesting things. So my wardrobe is constantly a puzzle where the pieces don’t always fit in. Also I suspect I don’t always buy it for my current body but for the body I wish I had. grin.

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