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7 Men’s Style Staples

February 13th, 2012

Do you feel your wardrobe lacks really good casual wear? If you do if it’s because you spend all week working in suits and in formal wear during the week. At some point the time will come where you don’t feel comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt. Shirts and jeans combinations open up a minefield of questions:

What type of shirt can I get away with?

Do I tuck it in to jeans or leave it out?

If I wear trousers will I look like I’m going to the office?

If you’re asking these questions then there’s a gap in your knowledge of how to put outfits together when you’re not at work. Below we’ve listed some of our favourite items which will smooth the transition between work and casual, polished and relaxed, dated and stylish.


Replica jacket by AllSaints

his worn leather jacket by AllSaints is a great piece to add a bold but casual statement to your wardrobe. It will only get better with time as the distressed leather comes into its own. Wear it with a tee shirt, over a knitted jumper or over a shirt. Leather or suede sneakers are a good footwear choice with this jacket- to make it look smart/ casual, avoiding the ‘smooth’ look you might risk with more formal shoes.

{See sneakers below}


Short parka jacket by Diesel


This lighter weight parka by Diesel is a clever design- a typically casual jacket, this one looks much slicker than most. The monochrome colour and simple trimmings make it a very contemporary item for rainier days. It could again work with smarter sneakers.

{See sneakers below}

Cotton bomber jacket by Polo Ralph Lauren


This cotton bomber by Polo Ralph Lauren is another normally very casual style designed in such a way that it looks and feels much smarter.




A relaxed blazer should be a staple in every modern man’s wardrobe. Whatever your age, you cannot go wrong with this type of jacket. Softly tailored and with naturally creased fabric, it can be worn with tee shirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, sneakers or smart shoes. A versatile and essential item.




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These slim trousers by Dockers are an alternative to jeans. For those days when you want something a little less casual the jeans but not as smart as tailored trousers or as ‘old’ as cords, cotton trousers are perfect. 



This suede sneaker by Lanvin is the perfect shoe to complete your casual, weekend outfit in style. As a sneaker style shoe it immediately dresses any outfit down but because it is suede and designed and finished so beautifully, it will not make an outfit appear scruffy or ‘un-put-together’. Quite the opposite. It will add a contemporary feel to any smarter outfit such a shirt and trousers and will smarten casual jeans and tee shirts. icon

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Blackstone desert shoes in tan


This tan leather sneaker by Blackstone is another variation on the casual but smart sneaker. It also comes in blue nubuck, below.


Blackstone desert shoes in blue nubuck

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