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Our Story

Stylelogue was born in 2010. Here’s a little bit about how and why. 

A few years ago I was struck by the fact that I was no longer able to wear anything and everything I wanted. This happened for several reasons; getting older, a change in shape, lifestyle, my comfort threshold, my determination not to keep wasting money on stuff I didn’t like/ wear/ need/ that suited me…. I had an inkling I was probably not alone.

It seems I was always destined to work with clothes. After my A-Levels in 1994, I went to Central St Martins to study fashion design. I left with a BA Hons in 1998 and embarked upon my ‘clothes career’. I worked in fashion for designers including Hussein Chalayan and Eley Kishimoto, but felt that fashion design wasn’t my true calling. A few years later in 2002, I won a BBC competition, receiving an award for costume design. This led to a year’s training with the BBC working on various productions for different costume designers. From then until now I have continued working in film and TV. This was very much a fulltime job until I was approached to work as an independent personal stylist. Then everything changed.

It suddenly fell into place. My experience as a fashion designer, fashion buyer, stylist and costume designer suddenly merged together into two things I really knew a lot about; clothes and people. I knew how to make and design clothes, what flattered on screen and what didn’t. I understood fashion and trend, body shape, skin tone, style lines and accessories and I knew about dressing both men and women. I knew where to shop in most major UK and certain international cities (with any size budget), and I knew how to do it quickly. Most importantly, though, I knew how to do a world class, professional job and how to channel my knowledge into making people happy.

So this is how it began. In 2009 I set up my first style consultancy, The Essential Stylists and at the beginning of 2010 Stylelogue was born.

Please feel free to look at my costume and fashion work (but make sure you come back here)!

Our Philosophies


People are more important than clothes because personality makes and creates style, not fashion. This is integral to the soul of Stylelogue.Successful style is the expression of an individual’s character rather than the wearing of the latest fashion but it’s also the point at which lifestyle, budget, shape and colour come together and just work.


The whole process of looking good should be something that happens simply, quickly and seamlessly. All Stylelogue customers should be left with this feeling. We won’t complicate things, our process is fuss free, memorable and effective.


We do everything we can to make sure your experience with us is memorable for all the right reasons. We try never to let you down in all that we do, but if something’s not right, we want to hear from you about how we can avoid the same mistake again.

Our Style

Excellent personal style and a great image are no longer the preserve of the rich of the famous. That’s why Stylelogue is a style resource that’s a bit different to the rest. It’s somewhere that’s independent, honest and knowledgeable. It’s somewhere that welcomes customers from all walks of life, all shapes, sizes, ages and budgets.


Our knowledge sits comfortably in a world of everything style and fashion but this is style and fashion for real people. People like you. You might be edgy and hip or you might be very down to earth, someone for whom style has never really crossed your mind. Until now. Whoever you are, we want you to know that we celebrate real people, real lives and realistic budgets.


If you’re someone who is concerned with how fashion applies to you, rather than how you should apply yourself to fashion, then get ready to have your eyes opened to a very new and exciting take on how to wear clothes.


Stylelogue provides everything from personal styling for women and men’s styling through to personal shopping as well as FREE style advice (if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into more in depth personal investment).


To find out if we could work with you, please call us on 020 8558 6138 or email us.




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